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Join the WordCamp Lancaster Slack Channel!

As WordCamp Lancaster rapidly approaches this wekeend, we want to tell you about our Slack channel. Like many organizations and teams, the WordCamp Lancaster organizing team has been using it to communicate and coordinate with each other internally.

We’ve also got a room for speakers, volunteers, and attendees!

It’s there to help people plan, find cool stuff to do, connect with others, and easily find out information with our sweet Wapuu bot.

@wapuu Bot

At any time, you can ask Wapuu Lancaster, one of several WordCamp Lancaster Wapuus, any of the following (or similar phrases):

    • Show me the schedule new-ss-bot
    • How long until WordCamp Lancaster?

    • wapuu me (gives you a random wapuu, compiled from an archive of all-known Wapuus)

…and much more that you’ll have to find out for yourself 🙂

If you haven’t used Slack before, it is a free messaging app that can be used in the browser, as well as natively on all major operating systems.


To join our Slack channel, please do the following:

1. Nothing! We’ll be inviting all attendees in batches, once per day. We’re close to selling out of tickets, so will be running this once per day until Saturday morning. You’ll receive an invite to the public Slack channel, which will be sent to the email address you used when purchasing your WordCamp Lancaster ticket!